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One of the reasons I wasn’t blogging for a time (a few weeks back) was because I was preoccupied gobbling up all two seasons of Game of Thrones (or “GoT” as I will call it from now on). For those of you who have been living under a television rock, this is the hot HBO fantasy series based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy books. And it is tons of fun.

GoT poster

I haven’t really looked, but the internet must be absolutely awash with GoT reviews and fanfic. However, I bet few have written anything connecting GoT with K-drama, bwahaha!

My break from K-drama and time spent with GoT gave me a bit of a fresh perspective on television. I think K-dramas can learn from GoT, so very addictive and successful as it is. I wouldn’t say that GoT is brilliant. In fact, it is notably unoriginal. And it is precisely that accessible quality that makes it interesting as a model. Sure, it has a big budget and jaw-dropping location shoots no k-drama could dream of emulating. But it is not rocket science. Its success is not magical or accidental. It is back-to-basics television that K-dramas can learn a lot from:

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