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Final Verdict: Best K-drama ever.

I’m not kidding. I’m not even in the fevered flush of having just finished watching the (stonking great) finale. It’s been days. And I’m still impressed, and in awe, and can’t think of another k-drama that’s better than this. Seriously.

EotW poster

I was blown away by its technical brilliance, so sure-handed one hardly notices it. I was awed by its under-stated touches of realism and its seamless continuity and logic flow. I was caught up in its stories and characters. I was, by the last episode, absolutely terrified. (I’m not one to frighten easily, but I found my heart thumping and my finger kept hitting the “pause” button because I kept feeling I was going to have a heart attack if I carried on.)

This is intelligent and mature. It is completely lacking in superfluity, bling, or posing. It doesn’t have any silliness or inappropriate humour, and barely any sentiment. Yet it is totally gripping.



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