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As a devotee of the work of Director Ahn Pan Seok, there was no way that I was not going to check out Something in the Rain. Director Ahn is responsible for what I rate the best K-drama of all time, i.e., the frighteningly suspenseful and realistic End of the World (JTBC, 2013), as well as the very fine and atmospheric A Wife’s Credentials (JTBC, 2012). His more recent work – Secret Love Affair (JTBC, 2014) and Heard It Through the Grapevine (SBS, 2015) – has not been as outstanding, but still a cut in quality above your typical K-drama. So, the pattern has been, sadly, downward. And the reviews of the show hadn’t been great. I plunged in with low expectations, fearing the worst.


So. Ok, the show is not rubbish. But it’s not magic either. Maybe Director Ahn is running out of ideas? Maybe he’s just going through the motions now, generating the same old mood? I know he is a master of the pensive slow-burn and is anti-hysterical, but this show just felt slow. I appreciate that Director Ahn that doesn’t hit me with manic Things Happening All The Time, but with this show it just felt too often as if things were not happening at all. The actors (the reliably adorable Son Ye Jin and the revelatory Jung Hae In) were firing on all cylinders, acting their good-looking socks off and creating chemistry like mad scientists on crack, but I was mostly bored. Perhaps the fault lay in the new scriptwriter Director Ahn was working with. I felt that there was enough plot for maybe six episodes, not sixteen.

One thing bothered me hugely. The soundtrack. Which is shocking because usually Director Ahn’s soundtracks are sublime. His song choice used to stand out for being unusual and yet fitting (e.g., the Monkees’ Daydream Believer in A Wife’s Credentials). This time, I came to dread the onset of the soundtrack songs. If  I hear Tammy Wynette’s Sometimes It’s Hard to Be a Woman one more time, I think I shall scream.

Could Director Ahn have (no! don’t say it!) … jumped the shark?

Strangely, though, I enjoyed the ending. Which is surprising because the ending is usually something to dread if a show hasn’t been compelling and has had an issue with pacing.

Spoilery reflections on the ending after the jump..



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