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One of the reasons I wasn’t blogging for a time (a few weeks back) was because I was preoccupied gobbling up all two seasons of Game of Thrones (or “GoT” as I will call it from now on). For those of you who have been living under a television rock, this is the hot HBO fantasy series based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy books. And it is tons of fun.

GoT poster

I haven’t really looked, but the internet must be absolutely awash with GoT reviews and fanfic. However, I bet few have written anything connecting GoT with K-drama, bwahaha!

My break from K-drama and time spent with GoT gave me a bit of a fresh perspective on television. I think K-dramas can learn from GoT, so very addictive and successful as it is. I wouldn’t say that GoT is brilliant. In fact, it is notably unoriginal. And it is precisely that accessible quality that makes it interesting as a model. Sure, it has a big budget and jaw-dropping location shoots no k-drama could dream of emulating. But it is not rocket science. Its success is not magical or accidental. It is back-to-basics television that K-dramas can learn a lot from:

[Fear not: No spoilers. Click away!]


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Sunday nights is when I catch up on ‘normal’ television during family dinner.

Tonight was Law and Order night. When did Jeff Goldblum get downgraded from movie star to television hack? I never know what is going on.

Anyway, people die improbably, which elicits improbable reactions. Cops display a lot of improbably cool behavior, and posy suspects display predictably uncool behavior. Why does improbability in American television feel so much more acceptable than improbability in Asian television? Is it only because American television improbability is so much more slick and serious in its tone?

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