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Iris 2 poster

I mean, seriously?

I was braced for some fairly risible stuff. This is, after all, from the makers of Iris (*yawn*) and Athena (*eye roll*) and the writer of Poseidon (*headdesk*). But … seriously?

You know how we joke about how we lose 30 IQ points watching a dumb show because it’s so dumb? Well, I feel as if I have lost 30 IQ points because I FEEL DUMB. As in “Huh? What happened? What? Huh? What was that about?” kind of dumb. Because I don’t understand what happened in Episode One. Literally don’t understand. I’m kind of worried about my mental faculties now, maybe I’ve just suffered a stealth attack of dementia or something?



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Bad fangirl, bad

I’m such a bad fangirl. I don’t really have a strong bias for any particular actor. And I won’t watch a show just because I love an actor in it.

Sometimes I feel I’m missing out. When the Queen of K-Celeb Tweeting (you know who you are!) asked me on my birthday whom she should get to tweet me birthday greetings, I was stumped. I wished I had an answer, so that I could go memorably apeshit crazy on my birthday, but I hadn’t.

I guess if I were really pushed to name a favorite K-actor, I would say Jang Hyuk. He blew me away with his tour de force in Chuno, then he broke my heart in Thank You (and made me break my rule against sympathising with alpha males). I sorta lub him. But not enough to watch more than three episodes of Midas.


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