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I’ve been in a bit of a drama slump lately. So it was terrific that at one stage there were not one, not two, but THREE current dramas I was eager to watch. Yes, folks, the drama gods are smiling kindly upon our Wed-Thurs slot!

JG poster

If you know me, you might try to guess which one I like the most. And you would probably be wrong. Because I was totally wrong in my own predictions! You might expect me, famously grumpy and unimpressed by fluff, to be most on board with the serious fare, right? At least, that’s what I expected. So wrong!


Of the three, when they started airing concurrently a couple of weeks ago, the first one I would rush to watch would be… Fated to Love You (MBC). The fluffy, derivative one. I know right! So unexpected. It’s Okay, It’s Love (SBS) is coming in a close second for me. Joseon Gunman (KBS) is falling behind. What? How did that happen?




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Well. Um. Uh. So, what can we say about the recently-concluded That Winter, the Wind Blows (“TWTWB”)? It was a mess, but at least it was a pretty mess?

TWTWB - pretty, at least?

Or…, it was good for a laugh, at least? Those of you who trudged along to the bitter end will know what I’m talking about. The Final Episode of TWTWB will probably go down in k-drama lore as Epic Finale Fail. It wasn’t as incomprehensible as Fashion King’s infamously random and utterly unsatisfying ending, for TWTWB’s ending may have scratched some itches for gratification. But in terms of narrative integrity it was one big gigantic fail.

But trouble had been brewing long before the final episode. Within its first six episodes, TWTWB started to lose its sparkle for me. By the eighth episode or so it was spinning its wheels and starting to get quite tedious to watch. We started yelling at it, “C’mon, DO something!” “Something HAPPEN, please!”. Around the eleventh episode I knew we were in trouble when I caught myself forcing myself to watch the show the way I would force myself to do chores.

Is it even worth our while trying to analyze what went wrong? Is it worth analyzing where on the floor a toddler’s tossings end up? Should we ponder the pattern of litter on a street to seek insight into society’s bane? Are the rantings of a lunatic worth psycho-analyzing? Sometimes I feel that some misfired endeavors are just not worth analyzing. That’s not going to deter the Fellowship of the Snark from having a good old go (Watch the space in The Vault!), but here I think I’ll pass on any deep analysis. The show failed. The end.

Instead of deep thoughts, then, I present to you my choice selection from the copious (non-spoilery) screenshots I took of those egregious close-ups, to amuse myself and keep myself slogging through the second half of this show. Hey, all that’s got to be good for a giggle, right?


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Yup. I’m in!



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