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Another quietly insightful episode.

Great art, in my opinion, is about the human condition. Not, primarily, about plot. What happens is not nearly as important as how, which is not as interesting as why.

Secret Love Affair ep13

Secret Love Affair exemplifies this. When things start heating up, instead of having more things happen, like coincidences designed to make you gasp or scenes designed to manipulate your emotions, PD Ahn Pan Seok and writer Jung Sung Joo turn inwards. This may not make for titillating television, but it does make for very compelling art. We turn to why Hye Won leads the life she does and makes the decisions she does. We turn into Sun Jae’s helplessness and frustration. We look inwards into their joy and despair. We dig into the people around them, as crisis peels off whatever thin layers they have left.


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