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I’ve been in a bit of a drama slump lately. So it was terrific that at one stage there were not one, not two, but THREE current dramas I was eager to watch. Yes, folks, the drama gods are smiling kindly upon our Wed-Thurs slot!

JG poster

If you know me, you might try to guess which one I like the most. And you would probably be wrong. Because I was totally wrong in my own predictions! You might expect me, famously grumpy and unimpressed by fluff, to be most on board with the serious fare, right? At least, that’s what I expected. So wrong!


Of the three, when they started airing concurrently a couple of weeks ago, the first one I would rush to watch would be… Fated to Love You (MBC). The fluffy, derivative one. I know right! So unexpected. It’s Okay, It’s Love (SBS) is coming in a close second for me. Joseon Gunman (KBS) is falling behind. What? How did that happen?




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So. If it takes me four months to watch three episodes of a show, I reckon it’s safe to say that I’m just not interested and it’s time to give up?


I really feel bad about bailing on TBDAW, I really do. I’m not quite sure why I simply can’t go through with it, but it appears that I really can’t. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with the show. In fact, I think it’s quite a decent specimen of its genre (thriller). I keep thinking, “Oh, I must continue watching that.” Then when I hit play, before long I feel bored. I can’t even invoke “Life is too short for bad dramas”, because TBDAW is not a bad drama. What gives?

Good bye doggie

(1) I don’t love Jun Ki sufficiently. (Sorry, Jun Ki, sorry.) (2) I can’t stand Nam Sang Mi. I find her incredibly boring as an actress and I have zero interest in her character. (3) I’m not nearly as irritated by Jung Sung Mo, I think he’s quite cute, but I’m not that interested in his character either. (4) It’s a show that take itself rather seriously, so if I’m not that invested in the story, it rather fizzles out. (5) The plot is somewhat predictable.

None of these reasons warrants hitting the “eject” button. Perhaps it’s the cumulative effect? Added to the fact that my life is crazy busy and I only have time to watch a couple of episodes of anything per week. Whatever the reason, it is with a sad face but a light heart that I clear my hard disk of TBDAW.

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TBDAW poster

I’m on Episode Four of Time Between Dog and Wolf (from here on dubbed “TBDAW”). It has taken me three tries – three tries! – to get past the first episode. Thing is, there are two things about k-dramas I can’t stand – (1) stories about pre-pubescent children falling in love (squick), and (2) exotic location shoots that make no sense, i.e., that drive the plot rather than plot driving location (e.g., why all that hanging around temples? Why speedboats on the Chao Phraya River? Apart from, they’re there, they’re nice to look at, and we can do it?). And both of these things we had in SPADES in Episode One of TBDAW.


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AAAAAHHHHH!!! Ohmigosh, just when I thought I could safely put Arang and the Magistrate to bed, Lee Jun Ki tweets a picture of cast and crew that is so adorable I simply HAVE to post it. So, here. Enjoy. Click on pic for a bigger version!

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Huh. Um. Uh. Well. How shall I put this? That was a whole lot of nothing. I’d say that I’m shocked at how quickly a drama which showed so much promising originality in its first four episodes has descended into sheer forgettability. Except that I’m not really shocked because we’ve seen this sort of thing happen so often in this crazy manic conveyor-belt that is k-drama making.

I found this episode so boring, I probably derived more amusement from the above pic Lee Jun Ki tweeted recently of the cast horsing around while filming it.

[spoilery rant after the break]


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Right. It’s taken long enough, but Arang and the Magistrate has finally lost me. Time-stamp: Episode 17.

I tolerated its driftings long after it lost its unique vision, because it still appealed to me at a pleasantly mindless level and because I was coasting on goodwill. But right at the start of Episode 17, I suddenly felt this subtle but fatal shift. From gratifying to gratuitous. From fluffiness to inexcusable logic fail. From holding my interest to causing my eyeballs to roll. Too obvious. Too maudlin. So much lame comedy. So much acting-by-numbers. So much clumsy exposition. So much yawningly trite romance. I’m even losing interest in Lee Jun Ki (how can this be?).

And, at this stage, with only three episodes left, I feel I have to watch to the end. I can’t just drop it now. Please, show, please. Please try to resuscitate a bit? You just need to make one last push to the finishing line.

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Decisions decisions.

What hard times these are, for a conscientious noona such as myself. I can’t remember the last time two such lovely young men have been in such equally dire need of my tender ministrations.

Come, my precious JK, come to your noona. Let me smooth your furrowed brow.

But… which JK?

[Largely non-spoilery stream of consciousness on their relative merits follows…]


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