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Since I watched the last episode of Nice Guy yesterday, I haven’t stopped thinking about the ending. That means either that I love it, or I hate it, or that I’m trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. What do you think?

[click here for extremely spoilery extended rant]



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The poll is now closed! And at 148 votes, we are at 10.14% (15 votes) for Option 1 (massive tragedy, Maru & Eun Gi die), 55.41% (82 votes) for Option 2 (moderated sadness; Maru dies, Eun Gi lives on), and 34% (51 votes) for Option 3 (People live! Yay!).

Now, let’s see what writer Lee Kyung Hee hits us with. I’m kind of busy in real life, so after I post this, till I get to watch this baby for myself, I’m gonna stay off Twitter and k-drama sites. Good bye, cruel world!!

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Polling time! We have eight episodes of Nice Guy to go. Eight episodes of delicious angst, betrayal, and counter-betrayal. Much as it may seem in bad taste to be wagering on the outcome of a train smash, let us throw decorum to the wind and have a bit of fun.

Nice Guy is an interesting creature. It is entirely unoriginal in its use of melodrama tropes, and yet it doesn’t feel old or stale. In fact, it’s rather gripping. Its plot seems eye-rollingly contrived, but its execution is so fine it doesn’t feel stupid.

One thing is for sure: It will all end in tears! And probably a high body count. Or… will it? Let us pit our wits and shamanic powers against writer Lee Kyung Hee!

18 Nov ’12 Postscript: The poll is now CLOSED! (Well, technically, it isn’t, because I can’t figure out how to, and if you want to be annoying you can still vote even though we all know by now how it ended.) For the results as of the time of the airing of the last episode see here.

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