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When I read that Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao are rumoured to be dating (Thanks, Koala, for that bombshell), a little something lit up in my brain and my synapses dissolved into a mush of wonder and fascination.

Jun & Mao? (Hana Yori Dango)

This, you have to realize, is a deep and terrible confession. You see, I happen to think that “shipping” acting couples, i.e., loving an onscreen couple so much that you want them to date in real-life, is pointless and borderline creepy. Actors are usually nothing like their onscreen persona (otherwise, unless they have a very limited repertoire, they would be schizophrenic) and it’s a bit weird and delusional to have one’s real and television/fantasy worlds so mixed up like that. And it’s pointless, because it doesn’t mean anything. Many co-stars do fall in love with each other, understandably when they spend so much time with each other and presumably share passions and life concerns that few others understand. Equally, I’m sure many co-stars come to loathe each other deeply after having to work closely together. It’s really pure chance, whether or not co-actors end up inimical, in love, or indifferent to each other in real life. And really has no bearing on the strength of the story they were acting out. You know, all because the actors get together, doesn’t mean that their screen love was true.

So goes my rational mind. But when I caught wind of the Matsumoto-Inoue rumour, I couldn’t get over it. Partly because it came out of the blue – I’d no idea they’ve been rumoured to be together for years. And partly because Domyouji and Makino hold such a place in my heart. I was so taken, a re-watch of Hana Yori Dango (TBS, 2005) was in order.



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