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Lately, a lot of us have been thinking about what makes a good drama ending. Even if you didn’t articulated it so explicity, if you watched Nice Guy and followed the internet chatter on how it ended, you will have asked yourself that question and you will have given yourself an answer; your answer. If nothing else, the Great Nice Guy Ending Controversy tells me that endings are subjective. However they go, chances are some people will like it and some will not. And at the same time, in some ways endings can be assessed objectively. For instance, glaring logic fail and laziness are just plain annoying. Still, it’s all a bit of a balancing act; a drama is so much more than its ending so it shouldn’t be judged on that alone, but at the same time a terrible ending can be so hard to overlook.

I thought I’d just drop a quick note to inform y’all: Evasive Inquiry Agency? Great ending. Objectively, pretty darned tight; organic and enhancing the drama as whole rather than highjacking it.

And with that, this show has shot right into my Top Ten Dramas list, yo. I mean, I’d already heard that it was intricately plotted and I’m usually not too shabby at predicting stuff. But even as late as in the last episode, my jaw was dropping at clues that were slotting neatly into place, clues set so unobstrusively in early episodes that I never even realized that they were set-up. I am one happy k-drama viewer.

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Since I watched the last episode of Nice Guy yesterday, I haven’t stopped thinking about the ending. That means either that I love it, or I hate it, or that I’m trying to decide whether I love it or hate it. What do you think?

[click here for extremely spoilery extended rant]


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The poll is now closed! And at 148 votes, we are at 10.14% (15 votes) for Option 1 (massive tragedy, Maru & Eun Gi die), 55.41% (82 votes) for Option 2 (moderated sadness; Maru dies, Eun Gi lives on), and 34% (51 votes) for Option 3 (People live! Yay!).

Now, let’s see what writer Lee Kyung Hee hits us with. I’m kind of busy in real life, so after I post this, till I get to watch this baby for myself, I’m gonna stay off Twitter and k-drama sites. Good bye, cruel world!!

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Don’t you DARE go soft on me!

I didn’t have the know-how to build in an expiry date for my Nice Guy Ending Poll, but obviously it would make no sense to keep the poll running once the last episode has aired, so I’ll call the results then. At the moment, with 134 votes in, we are 10% at option 1 (they die tragically), 58% at Option 2 (they reconcile, but Ma Roo dies while Eun Gi survives), and 32% at Option 3 (happily ever after).

I think it’s really sweet that some of you are so sunny and optimistic as to go for ‘Happily Ever’, but I have to say that from having had my money on Option 2 like most of you, I’m now shifting even to Option 1; if not in the detail (maybe they’ll live?) at least in a massive conflagration of Tragedy (anyone who survives will be broken and miserable). The direction of the show’s tone and sensibility would make it very challenging, I feel, to bring sunshine, rainbows and world peace in the end, while maintaining thematic or artistic integrity. At most, perhaps it could manage to turn around without awkwardness to moderated sadness. But with two episodes to go, I just can’t see my way to any relaxed, unclouded cheeriness at the end of this ride. But… we shall see, shan’t we. Only a few more days to go!

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What could be more glorious than Song Joong Ki angsting? For many of us, this would be a rhetorical question.

I’ve not been blogging much this weekend. I’ve been busy conducting a normal life, you know, getting out in the sun, meeting people, having long meals with friends… that sort of normal stuff. I’m quite proud of myself, actually (*pats self on back*), that I don’t spend ALL my weekends on my computer all the time. Still, in between life I have been getting some k-drama watching done. But only the really compelling stuff.

I’ve watched only one new episode of Nice Guy, everyone’s angst-crumpet of the moment. Because there is something else even more compellingly angsty than Nice Guy, calling my name. WHAT? you cry. YEA! I reply. Hard as it may be to believe, there is an even more gripping tale of betrayal and revenge, an even more tightly plotted saga, even more deliciously angst-y heros, even more head-spinning politics, even more psychological drama, even more all-round awesomeness than Nice Guy screaming for my attention. I KNOW, RIGHT? What could be this impossibility of which she speaks?


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Polling time! We have eight episodes of Nice Guy to go. Eight episodes of delicious angst, betrayal, and counter-betrayal. Much as it may seem in bad taste to be wagering on the outcome of a train smash, let us throw decorum to the wind and have a bit of fun.

Nice Guy is an interesting creature. It is entirely unoriginal in its use of melodrama tropes, and yet it doesn’t feel old or stale. In fact, it’s rather gripping. Its plot seems eye-rollingly contrived, but its execution is so fine it doesn’t feel stupid.

One thing is for sure: It will all end in tears! And probably a high body count. Or… will it? Let us pit our wits and shamanic powers against writer Lee Kyung Hee!

18 Nov ’12 Postscript: The poll is now CLOSED! (Well, technically, it isn’t, because I can’t figure out how to, and if you want to be annoying you can still vote even though we all know by now how it ended.) For the results as of the time of the airing of the last episode see here.

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NIce Guy – Episode Ten

This is starting to feel a lot more like Will it Snow for Christmas than Thank You. Which should be a bad thing, in my books, since I thought Christmas was a bagful of nuts. But somehow it isn’t bad. Sure, there is heaps of determined self-loathing, bloody-minded self-punishment, and the familiar mid-story psychological game-changer. But somehow Nice Guy feels organic, even believable, in its own way. Is this script truly less crazy than Christmas, or is it the highly skilled execution that continues to mask its faults? I couldn’t even say, but I can’t wait to keep watching.

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Random (non-spoilery) thoughts:

A show that is entirely predictable and rather unpredictable at the same time is quite a thing to behold.

Lee Kyung Hee (scriptwriter) really does so love exploring self-loathing.

My love for Song Joong Ki is not deterred by his unflattering new look, a look so smirky it gave me a momentary Yoo-Ah-In-in-Fashion-King flashback *shudder*. Ergo, my love is pure.


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