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Evasive Inquiry Agency (or Mixed-Up Investigative Agency) has been a love affair for me in more ways than one. I love the show, with all its quirkiness and heart. And I have fallen in love with the gangster boss. WHO, I asked myself, is this MAGNETIC actor? And where has he been all my life?

I’ve hesitated to blog about my mega crush on Park Hee Soon because, well, it’s kinda embarrassing. Also, I have some vague notion of keeping my blog spazz-free and classy (ha ha). But without too much pushing from my enabling friend Thundie (evidence here) I thought, Oh what the heck.

(Only very faintly spoilery fangirlying and picspamming after the break. Enter at your peril…)



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How did this happen? Is this what falling in love is like? At first I could barely put up with this show at all. Now I love it to itty-bitty pieces.

One episode ago, I was howling with laughter at a brilliant and hilarious move on the part of our Fabulous Foursome, so casually and organically set up by the writer, so beautifully executed, and so touched with matter-of-fact brilliance.

One episode later, I’m tearing up. I’m touched by some sad thing happening, that cuts me as deeply as if it has happened to someone I know and love personally. I care about this unlikely little family as much as if it were my own.

Did the show change, or did I change? How is it that the very things that annoyed me (the show’s outrageous sense of humour, its ambitious juggling of several tones at one time) now seem delightful to me? How does it manage to be profound and hilarious at the same time? To have a light touch and to be heart-stoppingly suspenseful at the same time? It is genius. GENIUS!!

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