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OK, this is kind of growing on me. I think I’m getting the hang of this.

Evasive Inquiry Agency is like a loud and jolly relative from the country, who is irrepressible, can’t stop talking, drinks a little too much, and laughs rather too loudly at her own jokes. If I allowed myself, I could feel irritated. But if I just embraced her good-natured love of fun, abandoned myself to the moment and joined her joie de vivre, we could party.

Yes, the show is still whack. The humor is still silly and in-your-face. The sensibility is still manic. And the music director appears to be on crack. But there appears to be method to its madness. Some dots are being connected plot-wise, so I feel assured that this is not unthinkingly random craziness. It seems to have a direction, but in the meantime while it unfolds, the show is just determined to have a good time, bowling along in its madcap, off-kilter way.

And by the start of Episode Four, when we get a protracted pointless / crazy-fun scene of the boys singing a nonsense song in their van, with silly hand actions, on a pointless / mysterious errand, going nowhere / some destination of denouement…, I’m all on board!

Here, have a bit of (non-spoilery) whack…

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